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Angry Birds Review.

The angry birds game made by Rovio has definitely been the most used application on my iPod. The game was made December 2009 and still a huge hit. Rovio has also recently brought out an Angry Birds Seasons. The game lets the players take control of a flock of birds that are attempting to rescue eggs that have been taken form a group of evil pigs. The aim of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level.

The game can be played on Apple’s iPhone/ iPod / iPad, Android, Symbian, Nokia and Palm platforms.

– Get iPhone version from
– Get Nokia N900 version from
– Get Palm OS version from

Angry Birds is the 1st Paid app in 60 countries!

“It is very addictive and a fungame.”   – Jaiddy.

“My all time favourite application on my iPhone!”Ellie.

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